Delta Impact | Competitive Service with commitment for over 2 decades

About Delta Impact

In 1988 Delta Impact started supplying electronic components to a small number of customers with a focus on service and quality. This business model proved highly effective as the demand in the electronics industry continued to grow. Our unique and focused approach meant that we were able to deliver on customer goals and build the business consistently to become a driving force in the electronics market. Today, we continue to build on our success, while operating within one of the fastest moving and most dynamic industries in the world.

Moving forward, we are continuing to expand our business and service offering to an ever expanding international customer base. We remain committed to delivering a dynamic and innovative service, providing the lowest cost supply chain solution for manufacturing companies in the electronics sector and building on our reputation as an integral part of our customers’ organisational structures.

Many changes have taken place since Delta’s conception but the original philosophy of our business remains, namely – we do not promote a particular manufacturer's product, but represent our customers with the freedom to supply exactly what they require, with the highest level of service they expect.

The Delta Advantage

With over 250 established, manufacturer-direct trading relationships and customers across Europe, Asia and North America, we are able to work effectively with our customers to ensure our service and products are available at the right price, right quality and at the right time.

The Delta advantage can be defined as:

  • Direct and indirect cost savings
  • Inventory reduction to improve customer cash flow
  • Lead-time reduction to shorten time to market