Delta Impact | Bespoke Supply Chain Solutions

Bespoke Supply Chain Solutions

By combining our experience within all three service disciplines we tailor a solution that exactly meets customer requirements. This offers many benefits, not least cost savings and improved production efficiency.

In our experience, companies with a lower electronic commodity spend are often not able to maximise the leverage they have which often results in an unnecessarily wide vendor base and higher material costs due to spend being diluted.

Other adverse conditions include long lead-times, high inventory levels, poor service from suppliers that see you as a ‘small’ customer and a real challenge in managing a high maintenance dynamic commodity.

By aligning with us and our best practice supply chain management techniques, our customers ensure that they benefit from a streamlined supply chain.


  • reduces complexity
  • lowers material cost
  • provides a single source for
  • electronic commodity
  • reduces “hidden” costs of acquisition
  • provides up to 100% vendor reduction and competitive advantage in your market

The Delta Advantage

With over 250 established, manufacturer-direct trading relationships and customers across Europe, Asia and North America, we are able to work effectively with our customers to ensure our service and products are available at the right price, right quality and at the right time.

The Delta advantage can be defined as:

  • Direct and indirect cost savings
  • Inventory reduction to improve customer cash flow
  • Lead-time reduction to shorten time to marke