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PCB Technical Capabilities

Our investment in our supplier network gives us a wide range of capabilities for supplying Printed Circuit Boards which include the following:

PCB Technologies Single Sided Conventional (NonPTH)
Double Sided Conventional (NonPTH)
Plated Through Hole (2 Layers)
Multi-Layers (up to 36 layers)
IMS (Metal Backed Substrates)
Flexible and Flex-rigid
Laminate Material FR1 to FR4 inc High TG
Polyester, Polyimide, Rogers and GTek.
Maximum sizes PTH & Multi-Layer – 458mm x 559mm (18” x 22”)
Non PTH (inc IMS) – 508mm x 585mm (20” x 23”)
Manufacturing Specifications and
Maximum layer count – 36
Min Track and Gap – 0.10mm
Min Hole Ø (drilled) – 0.3mm (0.2mm Ø after plating)
Min Slot Ø (peck drilled) – 0.6mm
Aspect Ratio 12 :1
Routed profile +/- 0.10mm
Scored edge +/- 0.30mm
Finished Hole Ø (Plated) +/- 0.05mm
Finished Hole drill Ø (Non Plated)+/- 0.05mm
Hole Position Deviation  +/- 0.05mm
Finish Entech,
Hot Air Solder Leveling (Both Leaded and Lead Free)
Immersion Gold
Hard Gold
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Peelable Mask
Conductive Carbon
Testing Flying Probe
Universal bed of nails
Impedance testing capability

The Delta Advantage

With over 250 established, manufacturer-direct trading relationships and customers across Europe, Asia and North America, we are able to work effectively with our customers to ensure our service and products are available at the right price, right quality and at the right time.

The Delta advantage can be defined as:

  • Direct and indirect cost savings
  • Inventory reduction to improve customer cash flow
  • Lead-time reduction to shorten time to market

Further Information

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