Growing your business

At Delta Impact, we work with a diverse range of OEMs and CEMs across a variety of sectors, sizes and stages. What unites them is their desire to drive business efficiencies and grow with the minimum of risk. Our focus is on delivering expert advice and a proactive service that delivers our customers’ products in the most efficient way and to the highest quality. So, whether you are an established business or a startup, you can be sure that we’ll deliver improved cash flow, increased profit and competitive advantage to drive business growth.


Our UK based team consists of experts across design, engineering and manufacturing. Together we are able to advise on the most efficient way to produce high quality products that meet our customers’ objectives. In-house design rarely exists for startups and can be a luxury for established businesses. Our dedicated New Product Introduction (NPI) team works with customers to make their concepts a reality and specify products that can be made efficiently. Getting the product right from the start and avoiding expensive electronics manufacturing mistakes is vital for business growth. Our experts will continue to help drive growth throughout a product’s life by reviewing and recommending efficiencies to meet new requirements or to take advantage of changes in the market.


With over 30 years of electronics manufacturing experience, working with partners in the UK, Eastern Europe and Asia, you can rely on Delta Impact to recommend the most appropriate production processes for your business. You’ll benefit from access to world-class manufacturing from our meticulously selected and managed partners without any of the time or risk involved in dealing direct; particularly valued by our startup and growth businesses. Our experience covers all aspects of the manufacturing process from PCBs to full production including component supply, ensuring that we can provide what your business needs when it needs it.


Electronics manufacturing is a constantly changing environment, and we work hard to ensure our customers can take advantage of this. We provide strategic advice to help you benefit from changes in your own market and the electronics supply chain. We might seamlessly move production to a different manufacturer better suited to changing requirements or support a customer to produce more product ahead of an anticipated rise in the costs of materials. Constant management and communication with our customers ensure that your manufacturing is always optimised to reduce costs and lead times.


Our business is built around our customers and we know that what they value above all else is our flexible approach. We work in partnership to support your business and your cashflow, allowing you to scale your business without risk. Some of the ways we provide flexibility to our customers are:

  • High or low volume production
  • Flex production across multiple manufacturers
  • Move manufacturers for optimum results
  • Flexible supply to enable lower stock holding
  • Improved cashflow



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Fully Charged Show - Farnborough Oct 30th to Nov 1st

We’re exhibiting at the Fully Charged Show in Farnborough Oct 30th to Nov 1st

It promises to be a superb 3 days , showcasing the latest EV technologies. Delta will be exhibiting and selling  the latest range of Degson EV cables and accessories on the stand.

Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre
Etps Rd
GU14 6FD

Further information about the rescheduling can be found here

Alert We’re exhibiting at the Fully Charged Show in Farnborough Oct 30th to Nov 1st More