Protecting Against Supply Chain Security Threats

Supply chain security threats and cyber-attacks are something to be aware of. Since supply chains are intricately connected on a global scale, one small security weakness can have a massive impact, affecting the functionality of the entire supply chain.

To prevent a security crisis, there are measures that you can take to protect against cyberattacks and other threats.


When you’re protecting against supply chain security threats, these are the things you need to be aware of:


Overly complicated supply chains

In a previous blog, we discussed the negative drawbacks of complex supply chains. Not only can these add an extra administrative burden, but they are also potentially dangerous. A more complex supply chain web is easier to penetrate because they are harder to keep track of and secure effectively.


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Giving access to third parties

Another reason why complex supply chains are more dangerous is that a larger number of third parties are likely to be given access to important or sensitive data. If you’re choosing a cloud provider for your supply chain management, for example, make sure to use those who have experience in the industry and have strict security credentials.


Introducing new technologies without training

Another thing to be wary of is introducing new technologies, such as AI or cloud management, without proper training. Those who don’t understand the technology may not be able to properly secure it, which could leave it open to access by unknown parties.


Data could be accidentally sent to the wrong place

Similarly, those who are using technology without proper knowledge or expertise could end up sending sensitive supply chain data to the wrong place.


Tampering with electronic components and devices

In terms of physical security threats to the supply chain, another danger to be wary of is people tampering with electronic components or devices. Interference could compromise the effectiveness of particular technologies, which is especially dangerous in industries such as defence. 


Component theft

One final thing to be aware of, though it may seem obvious, is people stealing from the supply chain line. The sheer scale of supply and distribution means it can be hard to keep track of exactly who is working, and you can’t be completely sure of each individual’s trustworthiness. The key is to keep the supply chain as simple as you can and make sure your logistics are smoothly organised.


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