The Rising Demand of Smart & Wireless Devices Will See PCB Market Growth in 2019

The PCB market is set to see growth this year due to increased demand in areas of technology which rely on them for the connection of multiple, intricate components. PCBs are the essential building block in electronic manufacturing, and the increasing demand for smart devices means that PCB manufacturing continues to be highly important.

Considering PCB market trends, it is smart and wireless electronic devices that are driving the growth. As electronic devices become more intelligent and complex, there is an increased need for PCBs.

What is leading the market growth?

Wearable Devices

One technology area that continues to grow is wearable devices – namely smart watches and wireless headphones. These devices can offer many advantages to consumers – they’re useful for keeping fit, travelling and making life more convenient.

The creation of high-quality wireless headphones relies on the supply of quality printed circuit boards. The same is true for smart watches: as they become increasingly more complicated, they require more unique electrical components and consequently more PCBs.

Smart Phones

Although smart phones are not a new addition to the market, there continues to be a need for increasingly more sophisticated mobile devices. As phone manufacturers continue to innovate, they rely on the supply of more components and PCBs.

Smart Technology

Alongside phones, watches and wireless headphones, the demand for smart technology more generally also continues. From virtual, voice-activated assistants to smart thermostats, the public are becoming more reliant on smart devices. This means, in terms of PCB market trends, manufacturers will need to find a reliable supplier.

What does this mean for manufacturers and suppliers?

PCB market trends show that they are likely to be in high demand this year, with electronics manufacturers relying on them to keep up with production demands.

Manufacturers should look to maintain a good working relationship with their supplier, or, if they are not happy with the service by their current PCB supplier or manufacturer, they should act quickly to find a new one.

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We are pleased to announce that we’ve introduced a full range of Electric Vehicle  cables and sockets from Degson.

Stocked in depth and available in both tethered and charging cable versions and in both Type 1 and 2 formats, all are CE/Tuv approved and available in all lengths from 5m to 10m.

Please contact Marcus Withers for further information

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